What have you learned from the pandemic?

Our panel and audience seek to answer the question as to what they have learned from the pandemic. Leave you comments here if you want to join in.

40 Days to the Cross

Your spiritual adventure awaits. For 40 days we will be heading toward the cross and the resurrection of our Lord. Participate in daily devotional times, devotional videos delivered to the palm of your hand and weekly Bible teaching. Use this link to get started https://www.calvarywv.com/40-days-to-the-cross/


Watch Daily Devotional videos here

Questions (Deut. 29:29)

Pastor Jesse Waggoner leads the congregation of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in this study looking at the deep and troubling questions of life and how to find peace with those things which remain a secret. We also are reminded that we are responsible for the things God has revealed to us.

A Short History of Time


As we begin a New Year, Pastor Waggoner reminds us that as we mark the passage of time, we must also mark the place of God in our lives. (Recorded 1-1-2006)


Miracle of Jesus

I have recently uncovered some very old video recorded in the Fall of 2004. These three message were part of a series on the Miracles of Jesus.  I hope they are a blessing to you.

The Savior’s Inspection


The Missed Miracle


A Second Chance