What have you learned from the pandemic?

Our panel and audience seek to answer the question as to what they have learned from the pandemic. Leave you comments here if you want to join in.

40 Days to the Cross

Your spiritual adventure awaits. For 40 days we will be heading toward the cross and the resurrection of our Lord. Participate in daily devotional times, devotional videos delivered to the palm of your hand and weekly Bible teaching. Use this link to get started https://www.calvarywv.com/40-days-to-the-cross/


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The Beginning and the End Belong to the Lord (part 2)

In this two part series you will learn of a number of realities that are mentioned in Genesis 1-3 are brought to their conclusion in Revelation 20-22.  The lesson for us is that since the beginning belongs to the Lord, and the end belongs to the Lord, everything in between (including our lives) belong to the Lord.  Renew you trust and confidence in our God as you see His power book-ending not only the Bible but all things.