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Bible Revealed Podcast

In enjoyed being interviewed by Phil Ayers on his Bible Revealed Podcast and discussing my book Strange and Bizarre Stories from the Bible.  Listen below.

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The Commitment of Christ (Matt. 26:37-39)

Find out how the Savior followed and how we can follow the Savior.

The Mind of Christ (Phil. 2:5-7)

Are you willing to change your mind to think like Jesus?

A God Beyond (Genesis 1:1)


We begin a new year by recognizing and being thankful that our God is beyond all that He has created.

Affair-Proofing Your Marriage (Prov. 5:1-23)

In this study Pastor Waggoner teaches what commitments you can make that will affair-proof your marriage.

Bring Up Children is Everyone’s Job (Eph. 6:4)

Part one of Family Matters for more visit the Family Matters site

Questions (Deut. 29:29)

Pastor Jesse Waggoner leads the congregation of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in this study looking at the deep and troubling questions of life and how to find peace with those things which remain a secret. We also are reminded that we are responsible for the things God has revealed to us.

Embrace the Gospel (John 21:15-25)

Pastor Waggoner teaches us how we can embrace the Gospel, and then what should happen when we do.

Look Back, Look up (Psalm 105)

As we move into 2018, we should reflect on all of God’s care and provisions He has given to us.

The Lamb of God (John 1:19-37)

What can we learn from John about believing and following the Lamb of God?  Pastor Waggoner shows us.

What a Real Church Looks Like (Acts 2:40-47)

The church on day one shows us the essential qualities of a church…

All Things New (Acts 2:1-16)

What can we accomplish by remaining obedient and humble to the Holy Spirit?

Complexities of the Unexpected (Acts 1:12-26)

Pastor Stotler discusses what we should do when complexities invade our lives.


Hostile Witnesses

Pastor Waggoner shows us how God uses even hostile witnesses toward Jesus to accomplish His will.

Joseph of Arimathea

What can we learn from Joseph of Arimathea; what do his actions say about him?

Near the Cross (Mary Magdalene)

Mary found an empty tomb; Jesus appeared to her first.  Pastor Waggoner unpacks what we can learn from her experience.

Near the Cross (A Man with a Donkey)

How did a man with a donkey impact our lives?

Near the Cross (What Jesus’ Death Means for You) Part 2

In this study we look at a man on a cross next to Jesus who realizes and accepts who Jesus really is… how does this parallel with our own lives?

Near the Cross (What Jesus’ Death Means for You)

What can we take away from Barabbas being set free as Jesus takes his place on a cross?

The Life You Were Meant to Have (Gal. 5:22-25)

How can we possess the fruit of the Spirit?

Freedom through Truth (Gal. 4:21-5:1)

Pastor Waggoner leads us through the steps to take to ensure we are studying God’s Word carefully which ultimately will bless us.

Failure of Faith (Matthew 14:23-33)

How can our faith fail, and how can we move beyond the failure to a flourishing faith?

Life After Failure

As Pastor Waggoner begins this new study, we clearly see that there is Life After Failure- here he uses David moving the Ark of God incorrectly as an example of what went wrong and how it can be corrected.

The Counterfeit Kingdom (Daniel 7:19-28)

What does the enemy’s kingdom look like in comparison to the eternal kingdom; and why should we serve now?

The Kingdom of Kingdoms (Daniel 2:36-49)

Daniel tells the king what he dreamed and what it means.  What does the dream mean for us?

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