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A Light in the Darkness

glory_podomaticCA    A devotional message from Christmas Eve

The Position of Worship (Luke 2:25-38)

glory_podomaticCA   Part four of “Glory to the Newborn King” – in this study we will learn how to position our selves to be worshippers of Christ

The Impossibility of Worship (Luke 1)

glory_podomaticCA We look at the Christmas story and gain a better understanding of how we should worship as we see a common thread within people around Baby Jesus.

How to Worship Jesus Christ- session 2

glory_podomaticCA  We continue the study in the “Glory to the Newborn King” series.

How to Worship Jesus Christ- session 1(Luke 2:8-18)

glory_podomaticCA    Pastor Waggoner discusses what steps we can take to get on track to worship Christ daily and live for His glory.

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