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Control (Col. 1:9-12)

reboot_CA In this study we come to understand that a connection to Christ requires submission to Christ.

The Starting Point of God’s Provision (Col 1:3-8)

reboot_CA Pastor Waggoner discusses our need to go back to the Gospel when we are searching for God’s provision in our lives.

The Value of God’s Family (Col. 1:1-2)

reboot_CA  In this study we learn how we can (and we should) invest in God’s family.

Reboot: Restoring Your Connection to Christ (Colossians)

reboot_CA We all feel the need to “reboot” at some point.  The new year is a great time to restore our connection to Christ as Pastor Waggoner leads us through this study in Colossians.

A Short History of Time

short_history_timeCA As we begin a New Year, Pastor Waggoner reminds us that as we mark the passage of time, we must also mark the place of God in our lives.

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