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A Passion for Rest (Psalm 3)


Do you need rest?  Do you need a break?  Find out how to rest peacefully and be sustained.

A Passion for Praise (Psalm 34)

How can we be filled with praise through ALL of life’s circumstances?  Pastor Waggoner teaches us what we can do to be joyful in all things!

A Passion for the Shepherd (Psalm 23)

relentlessCA  Pastor Waggoner gives us something new to think about when he discusses the beloved 23rd Psalm.

A Passion for Security (Psalm 11)


In a world that offers no lasting security David shows us the source of true security

A Passion for God’s Answers (Psalm 22)

relentlessCA  Life leads to questions but Pastor Waggoner reveals the answer!

A Passion for Mercy (Psalm 57)

relentlessCA  We must ask ourselves how true our trust in God is- here are 5 questions Pastor Waggoner discusses.

A Passion for Wonder (Psalm 8)

relentlessCA  Let us arrive at the true wonder of God’s strength, creation and name!  Pastor Waggoner helps us get there.

A Passion for the Name of God (Psalm 20)

relentlessCA  There are three key understandings of your allegiance to God.  Pastor Waggoner discusses the importance of deciding whose banner you are under.

A Passion for God’s Kingdom (Psalm 14)

relentlessCA We should live with a longing for Jesus to rule on Earth- but why and how?



A Passion for God’s Glory (Psalm 29)

relentlessCA  Are you giving God glory with your words and your witness?

A Passion for the Home (Psalm 127)

relentlessCA When you allow God to build your home, you will find joy and blessing.

A Passion for Repentance – Psalm 51


David’s prayer shows us how to deal with sin in our lives


A Passion for God’s House (Psalm 27)

Pastor Waggoner discusses the four key activities needed to have a passion for the house of God.

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