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How to Find Your Blessings (Ruth 4:13-22)

ruthCA  We need to recognize our blessings as we go through our daily routines in life.  Pastor Waggoner discusses how we can harvest and preserve our blessings by modeling Ruth and her family.

The Boundaries of Blessings (Ruth 4:1-12)

ruthCA  Pastor Waggoner teaches us that we need to stay between the lines of proper behavior in order to be able to give and receive blessings.

Your Part of a Miracle (Ruth 3:1-8)

ruthCA  What can we be doing to add faith-based initiative into our lives?  Pastor Waggoner discusses four actions that will help us move forward with this.

Love Is…. (Ruth 2:14-23)

ruthCA  We gain insight into what love (really) is as we look at the meeting between Ruth and Boaz.

Behind Life’s Curtain (Ruth 2:1-23)

ruthCA  Before God changes our circumstances, he wants to change our hearts.  How do we get to this point?

Life’s Most Important Choice (Ruth 1:6-22)

The choices we make when life is bad are critical to our spiritual wellbeing

Ruth: From Broken to Blessed (Ruth 1:1-5)

ruthCA We begin this new series by learning that we can’t run away from our problems.  We must run back to God’s promises through obedience and we will see, as we continue this study, how this is lived out in the life of Ruth.

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