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End Game

Part t of Prision Stories of the Bible,  John the baptist’s prison story

Prison Worship (Rev. 1:10)

The Apostle John’s experience on the Island of Patmos is the background for discovering what is and what is not needed to encounter Jesus Christ in worship

The Prisoner’s Task (Acts 26-28)

Part 5 of prison stories of the Bible

The Prison Puzzle (Paul) Acts 23:10-35

Part 4 of “Prison Stories of the Bible”  You will learn that the puzzling parts of your life do not have to confine you but they are sent to free you

Self-Inflicted Prison Time (Samson) Judges 16:21-31

Part 2 of Prison Stories of the Bible

Set Free (Peter) Acts 18:1-18

Part one of Prision Stories of the Bible

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