Who Owns You? (Ephesians 1:11-14)

Remain secure in His salvation and your future home with a God who has given you an inheritance and has granted you redemption.

A Christian Response to Lawlessness (Luke 9:51-56)

How should we respond to lawlessness, violence and evil? In this message we will look at a miracle Jesus refused to perform. In refusing, Jesus teaches us how to respond to those who oppose Him.

Jesus the Gentle (Luke 22:47-51, Matthew 26:51-54)

Jesus’ gentleness is on display in a gracious, miraculous act for the benefit of an enemy. His grace and power is available to us if we do not miss it. Learn three strategies to ensure you do not miss a miracle.

He is Risen (Matthew 28:1-10)


God delivers a message from heaven to show us the meaning of the resurrection.

The Romans: The 4th Kingdom (Daniel 2:36-49; Rev. 13:1-10)

Join Pastor Waggoner in this study of The Romans, The 4th Kingdom, as he gives a background of the origin of Rome, the prophesy of Rome and the spread of the Gospel.