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Called to Serve (Luke 9)

Jesus_life_CA  To properly serve our Lord we must have the right attitudes- that means an attitude adjustment for most of us.

Jesus: Always There- Always Cares Luke 8:41-56)

Jesus_life_CA  In his study we learn that we can never escape the attention of Christ.  How does this help us live out our daily lives?

Jesus is the Answer (Luke 7:18-33)

Jesus_life_CA  When you have doubts or questions (or even when you have the answer) look beyond your discomfort and know that Jesus is the answer in everything.

Getting in the Way of God’s Work (Luke 5:17-6:49)

Jesus_life_CA  Are you furthering God’s work or hindering it?  Pastor Waggoner teaches us what will determine this.

He Touched Me (Luke 5:12-15)

Jesus_life_CA  Jesus is very willing to address you mess.. what must we do?

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