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The Lure of Legalism (Col. 2:16-23)

best_meCA  Pastor Waggoner discusses how focusing on Christ and not human activities and accomplishments will keep Jesus in every issue of our lives.

Dealing With the Voices of Doubt (Col. 2:11-15)

best_meCA  We learn what we can do to allow Jesus to deal with our voices of doubt.

Staying Out of the World’s Mold (Col. 2:1-10)

best_meCA  Pastor Waggoner discusses what we must do to insure we are not pressed into the world’s mold.

The Resurrection is Enough

resurrectionCA  We come to a greater understanding of why the resurrection is enough to authenticate the truth and to rearrange our lives.

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IN the WORD - Podcast

Bible teaching from the Radio Broadcast of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church featuring the Bible teaching of Jesse Waggoner