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Money Myths: I Don’t Need a Plan (Luke 14:28-30)

     Pastor Waggoner talks about how to use wisdom in our financial management which ties into our discipleship management.

Money Myths: It’s My Money (Deut. 8:17-18)

 Pastor Waggoner discusses what happens when we view our wealth either as our doing or as God’s doing.

Money Myths: You Are What You Own (Luke 12:15)

 Pastor Waggoner begins this new series where we will explore some of the money myths that we are tempted to buy into as we see what the Bible says about this important subject.

The Second Coming (Revelation 19:5- 20:3)

  Pastor Waggoner teaches us that we need to praise God in all things, as this is what we will be doing in heaven.  Let’s get started today!

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IN the WORD - Podcast

Bible teaching from the Radio Broadcast of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church featuring the Bible teaching of Jesse Waggoner